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[review] mahabharat

Few days ago, I bought this book on bookstore. Finally, I finish to read it, and know the outline of the story. Where I have been..? Hahaha. Actually, if I'm not mistaken I've watched few episodes of Mahabharat when I was a child, but the airing schedule was didn't match my school hours. I remember almost nothing beside the cool Arjuna and the strong Bima :(

Well, do you know why I said the outline? It is because the book not really write the story completely. But still, it's a nice book and worth to read. I really enjoying time reading this book :)

*the photo was taken from my instagram account by bluring other books. sorry I'm too lazy to take the photo again. hahaha*

This story focused on the battle between Pandawa and Kurawa. For them who never hear about this story, Pandawa and Kurawa are Princes from Hastinapura Kingdom. While Kurawa is one hundred sons of King Destarata, Pandawa is five sons of Pandu. Actually, before Destarata become a king of Hastinapura, Pandu was the king. He was chosen to be the king because his older brother, Destarata, is blind. One day, Pandu is be cursed so he decide to move to jungle with his wives and hand over the kindom to his older brother, Destarata. By the help of Lord, he has five sons. His first wife, Kunti, give birth to Yudisthira, Bima, and Arjuna while his second wife, Madri, give birth to the twins Nakula and Sadewa. After the death of Pandu and Madri, Kunti brings her sons back to Hastinapura. The jeolusy of Kurawa toward Pandawa has begins even when they were a child. Kurawa treat Pandawa badly, but Pandawa try to be patient. The peak of Pandawa anger are where they back from 13-years isolation as the result of Kurawa's tricky game. Although Pandawa ask Kurawa to settle the problem peacefully by give Pandawa what they deserve to avoid the wars, Kurawa arrogantly refuse the offer. Kurawa believe that even the wars have to happen, they will win easily so they didn't want to fill Pandawa's request. The squad of Kurawa is much bigger in number than Pandawa's. Based on the book I've read the ratio between Kurawa's and Pandawa's are 11:7. Such a big difference, isn't? But, don't forget that Pandawa have Srikandi who destined to kill Bhisma, Dristadyumna who destined to kill Durna, Arjuna who destined to kill Karna, and Bima who sweared to kill Duryudana. Reading the battle story need more effort, because the roles on this book are...too much. I'm not sure I still remember every single detail about who is at which party if the author didn't mention Pandawa or Kurawa in the end of the sentences. Hahaha.

Currently, the series of Mahabharat (2013) by Star Plus are aired at Indonesia and also still aired in India. The image of the series are a bit different from the series I remember from my childhood memory. If you want, you can watch the series on Star Plus' Official Youtube Account and get more info on Mahabharat's Official Twitter Account :)

Since I've watched some episodes of the series (and I write the draft while watching it on TV), I decide to also write the casts of the stories plus their social media account that have found by me. Most of the description will be about their roles on the story not the actors or actresses themselves, because even I did a quick search I'm not really know about Bollywood world. Just click the link, and you will be directed to their account :) BELIEVE ME, IN THE REAL LIFE THE CAST LOOKS MORE HANDSOME :P

Rohit Bharadwaj as Yudisthira
He is the oldest son of Pandu, and grow to be a wise prince among his siblings. On many cases, he always want to settle everything peacefully and honor the noble values. But, even a wise prince, as human there will be time when he is being not wise. It's happen when he's challenged by Kurawa to join a tricky game. He is being influenced by the game, and not realize that he bet not only his wealth but also his siblings, himself, and Drupadi. The game ended by the lost of Yudisthira and resulted the isolation of Pandawa and Drupadi for 13 years.
Twitter: RohitVBhardwaj

Saurav Gurjar as Bima
Known as the strongest among Pandawa, he also known for his hunger and anger. He has the biggest body and able to defeat almost anything. As the result of his victory defeat the giant, Hidhimba, he married the giant's sister, Hidhimbi, and has a son named Gatotkaca strong like him. When Bharatayuda War happened, he is the one who killed Duryudana, King Destarata's oldest son and the leader of Kurawa.

Shaheer Sheikh as Arjuna (Arjun)
This charachter (and the actor too) is my favorite hihihi. I'm in love with him even since I watched the little Arjuna. He is known for his courage and his ability to fight especially with arrow. In the story, beside become one of five husbands of Drupada's daughter, Drupadi, he also married to Krisna's younger sister, Subadra. I love when Arjuna do archery and shoot the target. He looks charming at everything :)

Since he is my favorite I know more about him than other casts but it will be unfair if I describe much more things about him than other cast :p let me tell you something. On his official instagram account, he stated that he only has these two official accounts. So, don't be fooled by the fake accounts :)
Twitter: Shaheer_S
Instagram: shaheernawaz  

Vin Rana as Nakula
The older of the twins, played by Vin Rana. The story didn't explained too much about him. What I get is, he is famous for his handsomeness and able to use sword nicely. I think he is number two handsome among Pandawa, after Arjuna of course. Hehehe.
Twitter: vinrana1986

Lavanya Bhardwaj as Sadewa (Sahadeva)
He is the youngest among Pandawa, and known for his abilty to predict the future. Same with hi older brother, Nakula, I dont know too much about this character :(
Twitter: lavanyabhardwa1

Saurabh Raj Jain as Khrisna/Wisnu
I love that annoying smile! Hahaha. He is annoyingly cute :)) Either on the TV series or the book, Khrisna is known to be smart and a bit tricky. His intelligence has saved Pandawa many times. One of the part of  the story about him is when both Arjuna and Duryudana ask Khrisna to help them on Bharatayudha Wars. As the first one who arrived on the castle, Duryudana claimed that he has right to get Khrisna's support. But, since Khrisna see Arjuna first when he opens his eyes, and he want to be fair for both party, he said that he will help both party and let them choose what they want. Arjuna, as the younger one, get first chance to choose between Khrisna's strong army or Khrisna himself that will not participate to fight on the wars. Duryudana getting panic, but he feel relieved after know Arjuna choose Khrisna instead of the army. This scene show that instead of choose what looks strong physically, you also also consider the brain behind it. Well, it's a bit spoiler :) He is my second favorite cast on the series who is start to steal more part at my heart, but he's taken :( :)
Twitter: saurabhraajjain

Arpit Ranka as Duryudana (Duryodhana)
As the oldest Kurawa, he plays an important role to influence other Kurawa. Even when he was a child, he already hating Pandawa. He can't stop teasing them because of his jealousy, and don't care about the ways as long as it result defeating Pandawa. I'm getting hate him even since I watch the little Duryudana for the first time on TV. Hahaha, sorry to say but the actors (both the little and older one) success makes me hate their roles. Or should I congratulate them for their success playing the role? :)
Twitter: arpitduryodhan

Praneet Bhatt as Sengkuni (Shakuni)
Oh God! This one is people I hate the most on the story. I hate his trick to incfluence King Destarata by use King Destarata's love for his sons. I wonder how could this kinda person is exist on the world. He seems like always have thousand ways to pursue what he want (although most of his plans are failed). I've searched about him, and he's quite handsome on real life. OMG! He really success play the role of Sengkuni. Hahaha.
Twitter: PraneetBhat

Wuiiiih. It seems like already a long post. Hahaha. Let me make it quicker from here. I will only write the cast name start from here and will updated this post if I found something more about them. Of course if I have extra time too. Hehehe :) I got my time and starting to update the post, but since the characters are so many and not all of them are in the story for a long time, I'm not sure that I can complete the description and their official account link for all of them. Hahaha :p

Sandeep Arora as Vikarna

Aham Sharma as Karna
Born as Kunti's first son, he was discarded by his mom who still not ready to be a mother at that time. He was found by coachman and being raised by them. When he was teenage he already show his ability at fight but his ability not accepted because his status as coachman's son. At that time only knight who has the right to learn about fight. Once, he was rejected by Durna, Pandawa and Kurawa's teacher, because of his origin. His anger toward Durna's treatment makes him swear that he will find other teacher to teach him. He fakes his origin, and finally able to learn about fighting although finally be found and get a cursed that will make him forget about the spell on the most determinate time. At first, I love this character (beside of his handsomeness), he also has a high honor of righteousness. But, as the result of getting too close to Duryudana and Sengkuni, I don't like this character anymore. Well, what I got from this character is, being unaccepted by his environment (even since he was a baby and by his own mother), makes him will do whatever to get recognition and will do whatever he want to thanks people who recognize his ability. Although those people are demonic.
Twitter: 1AhamSharma 

Pooja Sharma as Draupadi
She is the youngest daughter of King of Panchala, Draupada. After the competition held by her father, he married to Pandawa. Well, I got different version of how this happen. On the book, it stated because the Pandawa have swear that whatever they get, they will share it fairly to the five them. But, on the TV series, it happen because Kunti told to share what Arjuna got without ask what he got. Pandawa and Draupadi getting shock, and at first they don't want to do that. I can't even imagine to marry more than one man, I don't know how Draupadi able to undergo her life with five husband. In javanese version of mahabharat, Draupadi not become Pandawa's wife. She just become Yudhistira's wife.

Nazea Hasan Sayed as Vrishali
Twitter: nazea23

Ankit Mohan as Ashwatthama
Twitter: ankittmohan
Instagram: ankittmohan

Shafaq Naaz as Kunti
Here it is the mother of the great Pandawa. She is describe to be wise, patient, and strong woman. She got respect from people because of her characters. Although she appears a lot in the stories, same like Nakula and Sadewa, I can't describe too much about her beside what I've mentioned before. Once my father said that the cast of Kunti looks too young, so when finally I do search about her..she even two years younger than me. She just turn 21 years old this year. OMG! No wonder she still looks young even with those make up. :)
Twitter: shafaqnaaz777
Instagram: shafaqnaaz777

Arav Chowdhary as Bhisma
Twitter: Aravchowdarry

Nissar Khan as Dronacharya
Twitter: nisarnsd

Atul Mishra as Lord Ved Vyas
Hemant Choudhary as Kripacharya
Ratan Rajput as Amba
Jay Joshi as Satanika
Arun Rana as Pandu

Veebha Anand as Subhadra
Twitter: VeebhaAnand
Instagram: veebha_1

Paras Arora as Abhimanyu
Born as the son of Arjuna and Subadhra, he inherit his father's ability to fight. He even explained to be more brave than Arjuna. Unfortunately he is killed in Bharatayudha Wars because of Kurawa's tricky ways. But, even until his last breath he show his courage to fight. He married to Uttari, Wirata's daughter. In the future, his son with Uttari, Parikesit, will be the King of Hastinapura. I don't know why, when first time I saw him I already know that he plays the role of Abhimanyu. Somehow his face resemble Arjuna. Hehehe.
Twitter: theparasarora

Sayantani Ghosh as Satyawati

Richa Mukherjee as Uttara
Twitter: richamkhrjee
Instagram: richamukherjee

Nirbhhay Wadhwa as Dushasana

Twitter: NirbhayWadhwa

Mallika as Sudeshna
Pravisht as Uttara
Shikha Sing as Shikhandini

Riya Deepsi as Queen Gandhari
Twitter: RiyaDeepsi

Anoop Singht Thakur as King Dhritarashtra

Nayeen Jingar as Vidura
Garima Jain as Dushala
Sudesh Berry as King Drupada

Karan Suchak as Dhristadyumna
Twitter: KaranSuchak2
Instagram: karaansuchak
Facebook: karansuchak2

Chandani Sharma as Kripi
Sabar Kashyap as Yuyutsu
Vishal Kotian as Lord Hanuman
Nidhi Tiwari as Sukhada
Sameer Dharmadhikari as Emperor Shantanu
Aryamann Seth as Vichitravirya
Vivana Singh as Goddess Gangga
Mansi Sharma as Ambalika
Suhani Dhanki as Madri
Aparna Dixit as Ambika
Ajay Mishra as Sanjaya
Tinu Verma as King Jarasandha
Tarun Khanna as Balarama
Ali Hassan as Takshak/Jayadratha
Mohit Raina as Lord Shiva
Vaishnavi Dhanraj as Demoness Hidimbaa
Kunal Bhatia as Lord Agni
Ketan Karande as Ghatothkach
Joy Mathur as Shishupala
Nikhil Arya as Lord Indra
Gurpreet Singh as Prince Rukmini
Puneet Issar as Lord Parshurama
Jayantika Sengupta as Arshi
Rohit Shetty as Young Yudhistira
Rio Kapadia as King Subala
Shweta Gautam as Queen Sudarma
Ram Bahadur Renu as Sage Durvasa
Miraj Joshi as Young Bhima
Raj Premi as Demon Kalayavan
Siddhant Gautam as Ekalevya
Vidyut Xavier as Teenage Karna
Alam Khan as Young Duryodhana
Aayush Shah as Teenage Ashwathama

Soumya Singh as Young Arjuna
Just like Arjuna, the little Arjuna is my favorite among little Pandawa and Kurawa. Hehehe. If I have to describe the character, it will be the same with Arjuna because it's the same characther after all. I can't found any official account of him among many accounts I've found using his name on net. Please tell me if you found one :)

Yagya Saxen as Young Aswathama
Raj Shah as Young Dushasana
Ashnoor Kaur as Young Dushala
Granay Shukla as Young Karna
Devesh Ahuja as Young Nakula
Rudraksh Jaiswal as Young Sahadeva

The source of the cast name I got it from here, and did some change if I found their official account's name is different :)

What do you think after read this post? Do you interested to watch the series? Do you want to read the book? Well, if you ask me. I don't mind if someone give me the complete books of Mahabharat written in either English or Bahasa Indonesia. Hahaha. It's hard to found it here, I'm still curious about every detail of the stories. Especially because the book I've read, the series I'm watching, and what my dad said are not same in detail :) I also want to ask the Mahabharat's fans who love the books, have watched the series, and read this post, please feel free to commenting on this post and tell me if something wrong here. I just a newbie fan with lack knowledge about the series and stories :)

Oooopst. I've been in front of the laptop for more than three hours and it's already pass the midnight. Writing about handsome people always makes me forget about time. Since yesterday was the presidential election day on Indonesia, let me say that I hope whoever elected as the 7th president of Indonesia, he will bring Indonesia to be a better country and the election will ended peacefully. Aamiin and good morning night:)

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