Friday, June 27, 2014

hello again, blog!

It has been almost three years since the last time I post on this blog. There are times when I burst into tears and can't stop crying for the whole night, or times when I laugh happily because I feel so blessed. Yes, many ups and downs I have through since three years ago. It makes me stronger and wiser. I learn that God give us what we really need, either it something we want or something we avoid, there is absolutely something we can learn from it. We will thank Him for it later :)

Recently I rarely have a chance neither to read english journal nor to communicate using english. As we know, language is an ability that need practice to master it. When we don't use it for a long time, it will be forgotten from our memory. So, I decide to write again on this blog because it will be a good media for me not only to express my opinion and spent my free time, but also to improve my skill to communicate in english.


Do you excited to read my blog post from now? Well, I am not sure that anyone beside me really read this blog. Hahaha. I am on my way to clean up previous posts and redecorate the theme of this blog. See you on next post! ;)

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