Sunday, June 29, 2014

beautiful Indonesia

Recently, my friend and I are arranging our plan to explore some places in our country. In my case, I passed them many times on my way to my parents' hometown or during fieldtrips, but I never really have a chance to enjoying their beauty. It has been an idea for years to go there as a backpacker, but it still remain an idea until now. Hahaha. So, when this idea seems so close to be true, I can't stop being excited to welcoming August :D

I use internet to found information about places I planned to visit. There are abundant information and tips to travel there with minimum budget but get maximum enjoyment. As a fresh graduate who waiting her master course to start, of course I want nice trip without spent too much of my saving. Hehehe. While browsing about it, somehow I remember that long time a go I found a nice video about how beautiful Indonesia is. This video is really nice and was presented in Indonesia Pavilion at World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea. Here it is the video..:)

You can found thousands of similar video on youtube. This kinda video always success makes me want to go to every place in Indonesia, explore them, and enjoying what God has created here. I hope someday I will be able to explore all Indonesia's beauty nature and share them to the world how beautiful Indonesia is. Well, travel around the world also part of my dream B)

For now, let's continue to arrange the plan for the nearest traveling schedule, and HAPPY FASTING for all moeslem around the world! Hope we can improve the quality of ourselves on this holy month. Aamiin :D :D

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