Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october will end soon..

good morning :)
it's already 25th october and november will come soon. the lab-ing activity will ending soon. I'm so happy for it. this week is the last week for analytical chemistry laboratory activity and next week for physic chemistry. at least two laboratory activity will be ending soon. hihihi :)

hwuoow. it's 5.45 now. I'm still lying on my bed, blogging, texting, and twittering. a biochemistry class is at 7am and I can't be late but I'm too lazy to go to bathroom and take a bath. I just wanna lying on my bed~~

for today post I bring you a photo in a salt field *idk how to write in english* near my grandma's house. I took it two months ago by my digicam. I always love sunset,, kirei desu ne?

today I'll have an anorganic laboratory activity. wish me luck guys ;)
I also hope I can finish the journal for physic chemistry and analytical chemistry today..

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