Sunday, October 23, 2011

can I back to friday night?

good morning, universe :)
today is sunday and I always sad when sunday is coming.
it's used to be my favorite day when i was an elementary student, because today is a holiday and I can do whatever I wanna do. but now, as a college student every sunday means tomorrow is monday and I've to back to reality again. I always wanna go back to friday night and enjoy my time planning what I will do the next two days ;)

I opened my harddisk and found this picture. it's not a waterfall, I know. but, it takens at Bantimurung waterfall national park at south sulawesi on july this year. it's another beautiful place in my country, right? I love the color of the water. kirei, desu ne? ♡
there are a lot of butterflies around. you can play with them and make a beautiful photos. unfortunately I can't bring you the photo today. maybe next time.. I hope I can go there again someday :))

I'm going to learn analytical chemistry for tomorrow's mid test. I should really learn about how does spectrophotometer work. don't forget to also visit my other blog, especially if you are a JPOP lover here. thank you for reading my blog. jaaa~ mata ashita ;;)

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