Monday, October 24, 2011

analytical chemistry mid test

good morniiiing~~!! :)
happy monday morning, universe :)

today is the mid test day. I'm gonna have an analytical chemistry mid test at 9am. I'm afraid about how the result will be.. the instruments make me crazy. I'm not sure I can explain how does it works, the difference between one instrument and others. kyaaaaa~~~!!

I wish God helps me by giving me some miracles to answer all the question today. believing or not I slept more than six hours last night. seems like I don't have any test today, uh? I really can't help it when it comes to sleepy. I just realize I've everything I've to read in my notes. how can I'm not realize it before? lol
after the test I've to go to interview for my industrial sociology lesson. at least today I've no lab-ing activity. :))

well, it's 7am already here. it's about two hours remaining until test and I'm not take a bath yet. blogging is much more interesting than study those analytical instrument *kicked*
wish me luck, guys ;)

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