Tuesday, October 25, 2011

october will end soon..

good morning :)
it's already 25th october and november will come soon. the lab-ing activity will ending soon. I'm so happy for it. this week is the last week for analytical chemistry laboratory activity and next week for physic chemistry. at least two laboratory activity will be ending soon. hihihi :)

hwuoow. it's 5.45 now. I'm still lying on my bed, blogging, texting, and twittering. a biochemistry class is at 7am and I can't be late but I'm too lazy to go to bathroom and take a bath. I just wanna lying on my bed~~

for today post I bring you a photo in a salt field *idk how to write in english* near my grandma's house. I took it two months ago by my digicam. I always love sunset,, kirei desu ne?

today I'll have an anorganic laboratory activity. wish me luck guys ;)
I also hope I can finish the journal for physic chemistry and analytical chemistry today..

thank you for visit my blog. don't forget to visit my livejournal, tumblr, and twitter too. see yaaaaa :DD

Monday, October 24, 2011

analytical chemistry mid test

good morniiiing~~!! :)
happy monday morning, universe :)

today is the mid test day. I'm gonna have an analytical chemistry mid test at 9am. I'm afraid about how the result will be.. the instruments make me crazy. I'm not sure I can explain how does it works, the difference between one instrument and others. kyaaaaa~~~!!

I wish God helps me by giving me some miracles to answer all the question today. believing or not I slept more than six hours last night. seems like I don't have any test today, uh? I really can't help it when it comes to sleepy. I just realize I've everything I've to read in my notes. how can I'm not realize it before? lol
after the test I've to go to interview for my industrial sociology lesson. at least today I've no lab-ing activity. :))

well, it's 7am already here. it's about two hours remaining until test and I'm not take a bath yet. blogging is much more interesting than study those analytical instrument *kicked*
wish me luck, guys ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

can I back to friday night?

good morning, universe :)
today is sunday and I always sad when sunday is coming.
it's used to be my favorite day when i was an elementary student, because today is a holiday and I can do whatever I wanna do. but now, as a college student every sunday means tomorrow is monday and I've to back to reality again. I always wanna go back to friday night and enjoy my time planning what I will do the next two days ;)

I opened my harddisk and found this picture. it's not a waterfall, I know. but, it takens at Bantimurung waterfall national park at south sulawesi on july this year. it's another beautiful place in my country, right? I love the color of the water. kirei, desu ne? ♡
there are a lot of butterflies around. you can play with them and make a beautiful photos. unfortunately I can't bring you the photo today. maybe next time.. I hope I can go there again someday :))

I'm going to learn analytical chemistry for tomorrow's mid test. I should really learn about how does spectrophotometer work. don't forget to also visit my other blog, especially if you are a JPOP lover here. thank you for reading my blog. jaaa~ mata ashita ;;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

lombang beach

konnichiwaaa~~!! :)
this is the first time I post here.
now I bring you a picture near my grandma's house.

the beach is not too crowded and the sun really burn my skin.
you have to prepare your sunblock before you go here, especially if you're not live in tropic area.
the scenery is worthy to see because it's such a beautiful beach :)